Our understanding of the natural world around us and our place in it has been shaped by the social context in which we live. Much has been gained, though much has been lost in translation.

Founded in 2004, Shadow Speak, LLC offers the ability to explore the natural world from a different point of view and with different experiential opportunities.

"As an educator and teaching consultant for many years, I direct a program for difficult "at risk" youth and children with severe behavior problems. I have had the real pleasure of watching Dr. Perdue work with children and adults in the outdoors. As a naturalist his ability as a teacher was apparent. Students who had experienced failure in traditional school settings, and who had very little appreciation for the natural environment, became avid and successful as learners. Returning to their traditional school setting, they were eager to share with others the animal husbandry and primitive skills they developed and their knowledge and appreciation of the natural world."
--- Barbara Vedder, Ed.D
You get your money's worth.
---Joe Harman, Naturalist, Drayton Plains Nature Center
At a recent meeting of the Huron Valley Audubon Society, Dr. Perdue gave us a unique insight into bird/raptor behavior. It was a rare opportunity for us to have a close look at behaviors that would not be apparent by merely observing in the natural world...
---Kathleen Hansen, President, Huron Valley Audubon Society
Craig Perdue presented a birds of prey program for the Waterloo State Recreation Area... Program participants were enthalled as they witnessed the birds in flight responding to Craig...

It seemed effortless for Craig to keep the attention of the audience throughout the presentation.
---Kathy Kavanagh, Head Park Interpreter, Waterloo State Recreation Area
For years I have had the pleasure of working alongside Craig in environmental outreach programming in schools and at the wildlife refuge. Craig always brings passion and knowledge to his programming, a brilliant scientist with an empathic heart. His relationship with his birds is strong and allows participants to experience a side of nature which is usually a mystery to people. I have seen the light in students eyes as they grasp a connection to nature thanks to Craig's teachings. I highly recommend any educator looking for a quality and unforgettable experience to reach out to Shadow Speak.
---Jennie Braatz - Naturalist and former Park Ranger at the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge